Monday, September 12, 2011

Fruits of Knowledge: A first real bite

I was all prepared to write this meaningful little piece about how I can’t spot the passion fruits on the big passion fruit trees in the yard; they just show up on the ground, like little passion fruit gifts. Surely that’s a metaphor for something.

But fortunately, before I put that deep thought out there into the blogosphere, my friend McDiver wandered by and told me he’d spotted another one of the yellow fruits on the passion fruit vine growing in the fichus trees in the yard. 

So that, also, is a metaphor: For how little I know about life in the Caribbean.

I’ve had lots of those moments, six days into a 30-day housesit on a tiny island that you’ve almost certainly never heard of.  And I expect know there’ll be lots more. I’d just like to leave this island with a smidgeon more knowledge, about the flora, the fauna, the politics, the people, and myself.

More to come…

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