Friday, August 27, 2010

Wine Bloggers Like Us Are One in a Million

We’ve been operating without business cards. And without a card, you are nobody. A big nothin’ ball. Because (as we heard loud and clear at one winery recently) there are a million of us out there. “Us” being wine bloggers.

I was vaguely aware of this when we started our project. But in the fifth-largest winery-producing state in the vast landmass that is the U.S. of A., I figured there was room for all. And besides, we are TRAVEL APP WRITERS, not wine bloggers.

(Pay no attention to the blog behind the curtain!)

(Okay, okay. We're wine bloggers. You caught us.)

That said, I still believe there’s room for all, but having a business card doesn’t hurt.

We try to keep it low-key at the tasting bar – we’re doing research (fun, fun research), not looking for handouts, and not doing investigative journalism. But Rick’s big camera click-clicking away and my note-scribbling do tend to attract some attention, and if asked, we do tell. We say we’re doing a travel guide app on Virginia wine country.

Which is exactly what we said one stop after the “there’s a million of you out there” winery. And waddya know, the lady at the end pipes up: “Hey, I’m a wine blogger, too!” She was ultra friendly (we wine bloggers are) and offered up her expertise on how many wineries to visit in a day. Three, if you’re wondering, unless you want to completely blow out your taste buds.

We here at Virginia Wine in My Pocket don’t have time to stop at three, of course, because we have a schedule to keep, and miles to go before we…get to drink any wine but Virginia’s. (Good thing things have come so far since we first drove these roads in search of vino.)

And we don’t have to worry too much about palates and such because… we’re not really wine bloggers. We know as much about wine as the average citizen (who is crazy about wine, takes wine classes, goes to tastings…you know, the typical D.C.-area wonkety wonk). But we are not aficionados – we focus on the travel, where to stay, where to eat, the beauty of Virginia’s trails, the infatuating people you meet along the way. We are travel app writers that specialize in Virginia’s beautiful wine country.

And you’d know that. If only we had a card.

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