Monday, July 26, 2010


This blog is about my husband, Rick, and I working our way into a portable future. One that lets us dive on small tropical islands that have names we can't pronounce. And do other things, too. Lots and lots. Even stuff that's not vaguely tropical.

Tropical island diving has become a sort of shorthand for where we're headed - a shore dive kinda life.

But before we can step on that plane and wave goodbye to dry cleaning and rush-hour snarl-ups, we have a short list of to-do's to check off:

  1. Sell the Rehoboth rental house and, if not make a profit, at least get out from under the debt

  2. Minimize our expenses, save some money, and remember what it's like to live without precisely what we want at precisely the moment we want it

  3. Get rid of the roomfuls of stuff that surround us: books, coolers, photos, treadmills, flower pots, little personal salt & pepper shakers for the 10-person dinners we never have

  4. Build up a portfolio of portable, passive income-producing skills, or products, or programs. Like photography, travel writing, teaching, blogging. Something we can do on the move.

So here's where we stand:

We sold the house in June. We didn't make a profit. But we got out most of what we put in, and are using that to...

Minimize our expenses, including paying off a car, and all our bills, which is motivating us to...

Get rid of stuff, all this stuffff.......

And now, since January, we've written a travel app, Rehoboth in My Pocket, and have another on the way (Virginia Wine in My Pocket). Not exactly the golden ticket, but lots of promise.

So we've been feeling pretty good. Lots of forward momentum. Excited.

But this latest thing...this is just over the top. It's as if the universe is conspiring to push us out of our Northern Virginia nest, knowing maybe we're a little too timid to step out on our own.

Last month, Rick sold a photo of Quirigua in Guatemala to Archaeology magazine. Then Washingtonian magazine bought a half-page picture of Rehoboth for its "Beach Favorites" article.

And then...the most amazing thing. This stuff NEVER happens...

The Washingtonian bought another photo from Rick. And you can see it now. It's the one at the top of this post. On the COVER of the August issue!

Is it just me, or does it seem like we're making some progress?


Maryandsean said...

That's great! It makes me so happy to hear that you're carving a life for yourselves from photos and writing, making your way towards your dreams. I often wonder if I'll get any return for my efforts too, but I guess the secret is just keeping with it, right?

Linda Tate said...

You're definitely making progress! Congrats on selling the beach house. And I posted hearty congratulations about the Washingtonian cover photo on Rick's site. Way to go!

Nancy said...

Thanks Maryandsean (great to hear from you! How's it going??) and my great friend Linda! Momentum is a wonderful thing, isn't it? (and you both would know ;-)

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