Thursday, April 15, 2010

One App, Two Apps, Three Apps, Four...

Now it gets exciting! We are launched, actually available AT THIS MOMENT in the iTunes store. Just saying that makes me feel like a pro. Yeah, sure, we have an App in the iTunes stores. Us and Apple, we're buds. We get together for a little Everquest every third Tuesday.

But mostly I can't keep my eyes open. I'm selling ad space AND marketing the App AND drafting new content AND editing the existing content (now that the current merchants we've listed have seen the App and apparently my powers of observation - and my spelling - aren't quite as good as I would have myself believe).

And this is the night job ;-)

But this...right what gets me up in the morning. How many more did we sell? How many more people have downloaded OUR App? That is excitement beyond measure.

Now, though, off to bed ;-)

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