Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pictures Are In!

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If we pursue the Art Show Epiphany, we’ll need something to sell, something awesome. Evocative, familiar. But unique. Inspired. Generously proportioned, but not outrageous. Something pretty. Something in focus. Something that goes with a living room couch.

So Rick picked a few of his best photos and had them printed up on canvas. They arrived in record time. I resisted tearing them open; it was his work, not mine, and though the day will come when all this is mundane, this first shipment was Christmas morning, and these presents were his.

I knew he was excited when he didn’t go upstairs to change out of his work suit before opening the packages. He slipped the first, a classic Waikiki sunset framed by a palm frond, out of the cardboard, and held it up.

We beheld. We scrutinized. “Hmmm,” we said in unison.

Reluctant to jump to judgment, he moved on to the second package and pulled out the moody Amman cityscape – the one he uses for his business cards, it’s so perfect. This, surely, would floor us.

“Ummm,” we said.

They were…fine. They were nice photos on large canvases. And neither of us would buy either one at an art show.

I don’t know if it’s the size, the canvas, the subjects. (This, obviously, is why I’m not the artist. I can tell you it doesn’t quite work, but can’t quite articulate why.)

We’re still moving them around the house, trying to figure out where they work better. The tropical sunset may work great on the yellow wall of the sunroom in our beach house >>>

But the tent we’d be using in an art show is likely to be white. So do we pick photos and framing that work on white? Seems obvious, I guess, but worth considering.

In the meantime, I decided to take a stab at picking a couple of shots myself. Here’s my favorite >>>
Photo of spices on display in front of a shop within the Khan el-Khalili marketplace in central Cairo, Egypt– it should arrive any day now. Don't you think that'd look incredible on a kitchen wall?

Well, with all this new art hanging around the house, I guess one thing IS easy to predict:

A lot of people are going to be getting Rick’s pix for Christmas this year.

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