Sunday, September 13, 2009

An RV Life for Us?

Did I ever tell you that Rick and I invented TripAdvisor? Yep, that’s right. Years ago, on a long drive home from Sarasota to D.C. We tossed around a few ideas for creating an entrepreneurial future and landed on the model of posting short, online reviews of charming towns and great restaurants, all contributed by John Q. Public. Brilliant, right? Course, then we got home and took a nap and, well, got distracted for a year or two and next thing you know someone goes and launches Trip Advisor and never offers us one red cent. So rude.

But it’s all good, cause this weekend we realized our true destiny is to drive around the country in an RV and sell Rick’s photos at art shows.

Sorry. I know this is pretty much everyone’s dream, and now you’re probably all jealous and grumbling about how Rick and I seem to have ALL the good ideas.

This epiphany came to us as we wandered through the Alexandria Arts Fair, looking at the hefty price tags on photographs of Santorini and Tuscany and St Barths and Raratonga. We sidled up to the laid back and beautifully tanned photographers manning their booths, peppering them with questions about their passions and their camera settings, their lifestyles and online sales strategies. They mostly yawned and rolled their eyes; we weren’t fooling anybody with our faux interest, and we certainly weren’t going to drop $400 on a photograph that Rick could take with both eyes closed (says Rick’s wife and PR flack).

I can’t pinpoint the moment we leapt from art show stalkers to potential competitors, but I think it all jelled when Rick tossed out the RV idea. It’s perfect: Sedona, Coconut Grove, Boulder, Portsmouth. We get to downsize and travel, but I can still consult and write. We can rent out our house and live cheaply, and use what we make at the festivals for overseas dive jaunts and tax-deductible picture-taking forays.

And we get to drive around in an RV! Even if we don’t sell so much as a postcard, we'll be the envy of all!


But, whew, all this excitement has got us plumb tuckered out.

So stay tuned, folks, this is it – the real thing, and we’ll keep you with us every step of the way. Right now, though, time for a wee little nap.

Back in a jiff.


Anonymous said...

Nancy dear,I've been biting my tongue long enough and now am compelled to respond.....GO...DO IT...HIT THE ROAD AND HAVE SOME FUN!!!!!!!!!

Nancy said...

Thanks Anonymous! You know you much I love me some fun! That Rehoboth house is going to sell this year...I can just feel it!!!

Linda Tate said...

Hey Nancy--Here's some inspiration from Boulder. The second annual Boulder Arts Festival was held this year: There's also a *big* annual event called the Boulder International Fringe Festival--and it includes visual artists: Come visit! Linda

Nancy said...

Linda- Boulder is VERY high on the list! And I know Rick would really relish driving that Class A bus through the Rockies ;-)