Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Sailing Voyeurism

I no sooner post my story about Ann Vanderhoof’s Caribbean sailing adventure than I get an email from my friend Lisa. She knows boaters in Roatan, 18 months into a Caribbean sail, and thinks I may be interested in their bloglink.

And it is interesting. I had a little crush on Roatan, so I’m enjoying the reminiscence. Then I notice that this isn’t just any blog—it’s one of dozens, maybe millions! of sailing-trip-journal blogs on a site called Sail Blogs.

It’s as if a big bag of M&Ms has just spilled out onto my keyboard. Which one to pick? How many can I get a taste of before bedtime??

I can report that there were more than a few orange in the bag (substitute “orange” for your least favorite M&M and that’ll make sense). But there were plenty of those new blue ones (Snazzy! Fresh!), and a lot of dependable old reds sharing latitude, longitude, galley renovation details, rainfall totals, dental floss technique.

Something for everybody.

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