Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Will We Miss You When We're Gone?

McDiver, Jolt, and my buddy Bill are all following me.

I told them about my blog, and like the great friends they are, they've subscribed. They are Shore Dive Kinda Life people.

And travel stars...

Jolt clued me in when the floor started shifting during the Oahu earthquake a few years ago, grinning like a kid with a secret when she whispered "Do you feel that??"

McDiver can sniff out a hotel deal a continent away, and he's got a lavalava to kill for.

And Bill quit work to spend 6 months on the road in countries that were far, hard, and decidedly dusty, sending blog posts that became less ironic by the week. His whole body wore a different expression when he finally made it home.

These are the kinds of friends you'd like to strap to your carry-on, but if our expat escape plan succeeds, we'll leave all of them behind.

What are we thinking??

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