Friday, February 6, 2009

Castles for Sale

Part of the fun of this expat fantasy is stumbling on some random picture that sends my imagination skittering over the desk, then leaping out the window to freedom, like some addlepated puppy.

Kind of like when I spotted this Castles for Sale ad.

Mmmm, castles.....

Brain solidly on hiatus, I figured I may as well complete the indulgence and drive west for a few hours, calculating palatial mortgages.

And, oops, there goes another day.

But instead of feeling lost, behind, or unproductive when I pick up the threads again in the morning, I feel full. Playing hooky in Virginia's wine country will do that for you.

Photo (c) Check out Rick's site for some great pics of the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Winchester, Virginia.

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